In the spirit of the holidays, Brittany is offering a selection of her convention exclusive items online for a limited time only. If you are looking for item to be sent international, please send an inquiry to so she can calculate the proper postage (: If you would like a custom message, please e-mail after placing your order, otherwise they will be signed with whatever message I decide ­čśŤ I’ll be taking these orders offline on December 23rd!


3 Random Postcard-Size Prints ($5.46 with Paypal Fees)
I will sign and send you any 3 random postcard-size prints! They can be any of the ones pictured above, and probably even others that I have without pictures of! Usually I sell these for 5 dollars each!


Audrey Magnet ($10.61 with Paypal Fees)
Not the best picture of it, but this Audrey magnet is super cute! I can sign her on request.


3 Random Postcard-Size Prints &  Random Cosplay Print
When I was moving, I found some left over cosplay pictures from back in my cosplay days, so for 10 Dollars you can get a 3 random post card prints and a random cosplay print! You’ll either get 2 small ones or 1 big one.