Official Press Release

 Coming to Marooners in the July 8th Update!

Cast List:

Sven: Brendan Hunter, voice of HISOKA in HUNTERxHUNTER (1999)

Oenk: Austin Tindle, voice of KANEKI in TOKYO GHOUL

Jackie: Katelyn Barr, voice of LIZA in CROSS ANGE

Tack: Matt Shipman, voice of SHAY in YUGIOH ARC V

Anna: Brittany Lauda, voice of AUDREY in HUNIEPOP

Mauya: Amanda Lee, known as singer LEEANDLIE on Youtube, voice of USHIO in K-ON

Chumpi: Anthony Sardinha, member of TEAM FOUR STAR, voice of CLAUIDO in YIIK

Imi: Amber Lee Connors, member of TEAM FOUR STAR, voice of TOMOMI in LADIES VS BUTLERS

Casting and Directing: Brittany Lauda

Writing: Brittany Lauda

Additional Script Supervision: Mike Hergaarden

The game is available on Steam Early Access ( Marooners is currently 35% off as part of the Steam summer sale, until July 4th 2016.


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