Student Success Stories

Success Stories!

Many of Brittany’s students end up getting auditions from various projects she and her extended network work on. As their coach, Brittany learns a lot about her students vocal range, acting abilities, and career goals. This allows her to connect them with not only her own projects, but other projects that she may come across.

  • Cait Page and Brittany have been working together in Private Sessions since mid-2016, and Cait has studied with Brittany in her 7 Week Class, Mock Anime Audition Class, and ADR Workshop. She not only made an awesome demo, but also booked the role of Nel, a major role in World War Blue! She has a bright future ahead of her
  • After working together in private sessions on the audition materials, Allen Winter received a callback for not one, but two roles in an upcoming video game! You go Allen! Allen also booked a named role in World War Blue and is currently working on a demo with Brittany after working with her in a 7 week class, a character intensive and an ADR Workshop
  • Brandon Winckler, Selver Hamzic and Ben Balmecada, who all worked with Brittany in private sessions or classes, were accepted in to the Sapphire Foxx talent pool after being invited to a private audition.
  • Rochelle Chiang and Brittany worked hard on crafting a demo reel to show off Rochelle’s diverse character after working hard together on animation copy. Rochelle booked a named role (Ruiji) in Juden-Chan after auditioning for the role of Chief Pulse, and also appears as walla in Rio: Rainbow Gate. Go get ’em Rochelle! Rochelle also recently provided the voice for Singularity in an official Marvel project.
  • After extensively studying with an acting coach, Nicole Martino decided to take the next step and create her demo reel with Brittany. After a lot of back and forth on the characters to fit Nicole’s vision, Nicole now has a working demo reel. Nicole also booked a named role (Luto) in Juden-Chan, and provided crowd walla for Rio: Rainbow Gate. You go girl!
  • Alumni Jon Tanton booked a recurring role in original animated series called Super Hero Clock, this narration for Desktop Genetics and a named bit in Juden-Chan in addition to walla to name a few. Congrats Jon! Jon created his Demo Reel with Brittany, and has taken both private sessions and the 5hr Character Intensive Workshop.
  • Jennifer Layla and Brittany met at one of Brittany’s con appearances, where Jen decided to particpate in an acting workshop. After her taste of voice over, she had to have more and has been working hard at building her VO Career. Jen took the 5hr Character Intensive class and immediately found her way on to Brittany’s casting list. She booked a small role in Juden-Chan as a waitress, as well as other bits. She also appears in some crowd walla for Rio: Rainbow Gate!
  • Kim Daniels and Brittany met after a presentation Brittany gave at a local library. After completing an exercise, Brittany immediately saw Kim’s potential. Kim has taken an 8-week course with Brittany on voice over and has been included on her personal casting list. You can hear her in Ladies versus Butlers as Magical Girl Diva and other bits!

Demo Samples: