Online Class – Audition Boot Camp

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Price: $150 via Venmo (, $154.79 via Paypal
Date of Current Session: Monday, February 5th – Friday, February 9th
Location: Online
Open to all levels

One of my most popular offerings has been my private mock audition sessions, especially anime-centric ones. I decided to put together a special online class that would cater to those interested in learning more about auditioning for specific genres, expectations from the casting directors, working on tight deadlines, sharpening their auditioning skills, and deciphering materials given to you.

Here is how it will work: This class will be open to as many who are interested, there will be no cap*. Every day, students will receive a real anime audition from a previous casting call**. Students will get a deadline and be expected to record and submit their audition following the given specs in the audition sides. After every audition, I will create an audio review of the materials. In this audio review, I will talk about the audition I sent out, anything additional I wanted to discuss about these particular sides (tricky things, common questions, etc) and then I will give feedback on each sample. I will include everyone’s audition, spliced in to the recordings, so you can hear each other’s work and the corresponding feedback. This way, students can learn from what other’s did right as well as each other’s mistakes. At the end of each audio review, I will say who would have booked the work or been called back and why.

Additionally, there will be a special guest one night! Clifford Chapin, director at Funimation for dubs such as Gosick, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Keijo, New Game and Genocidal Organ, will join us for one of the five audition segments and provide feedback with me on all the student’s submissions. In addition to providing feedback, Cliff will share with the class some insight on Open Auditions at Funimation and answer some questions from the students.

So, to review, here is what is included in this digital class:
-Work with real audition sides!
-Gain experience with working with tight turnarounds & deadlines
-Train yourself to kick bad audition habits (Taking too long, not reading directions, missing deadlines, etc)
-Receive in depth feedback from TWO working directors on not only your own auditions, but your peers as well!
-Valuable industry feedback!

*However, If there is an extreme amount of interest, I may have to create separate sessions.
** Some specs may be changed to better benefit the class

NOTE: Students are welcome to remain anonymous to their fellow classmates if they choose (I will assign you a codename or you can select an alias). Students are also welcome to not submit for a day and there will be no consequence, they will still receive the notes from that day from their peer’s performances, they just won’t get their own critique since they did not submit work.


About your instructor….



Brittany Lauda is the head behind the dubs at Media Blasters and co-owner of Kocha Sound.  Her most recent work includes the dub of Ai no Kusabi as well as the video game Minotaur. Additionally, she has  been working as an Assistant Director at Funimation on projects like Alice & Zoroku, New Game Season 1, Dies Irae, & Morose Mononokean. Voiceover-wise, you can hear her in titles like Huniepop, Pokemon XY, Yandere Simulator, Queen’s Blade, Dies Irae, Morose Mononokean, Ladies versus Butlers and more.