Mirim- Queen’s Blade Rebellion (Sentai Filmworks/NYAV Post)
Chubby Boy (episode 9) - Queen’s Blade Rebellion
Portal: Companionship- Chell
MightyFine's Ruby Gloom 'Angry Poe'- Ruby Gloom
Soul Symphony- Ashley
Shattered Heaver Midnight Twilight- Nova/Catherine
Mural- Young Boy/Extra Kids
Double Rainboom- Pinkie Pie
Equestria LA Funding Promo- Pinkie Pie and Apple Bloom
Prince Adventures Annointed- Jesus
Kassandra: Goddess of Awesome- Kassandra, Jenny
Shattered Heaven- Nova/Catherine
Imo- Imo
Oinsreach- Hailice, Ellise
E.A.T.- Rama
La Lucha- Young Boy

BronyCon Documentry- Bree Faith (Herself)
Equestrian Inquirer- Bree Faith (Herself), Fluttershy
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas- Extra
Destroy All Slackers- Danii

Live Performance
Funimation Fairy Tail Exhibition: Lucy Heartphilia (Voice and Stage Acting)
Funimation Cat Planet Cuties Promotion: Erisu
Funimation Panty and Stocking Promotion: Panty
Azure Pro Promotion: Various

Audiobooks & Dramas
Emma Meets the Gnomes
Shattered Heaven- Nova/Catherine
Comixscape- Tyler
Reflections- Kayla
Prince Adventures- Princess Jabari, Princess Subira
ALiCE- Mickey

Valthirian Arc- Female Students
Genesis II -Courtney
Megalonia- Radio Transmitter
SeeJees IOS Game- Announcer
Anonymous Agony- Various Extras
Crystal- Ms. LOL
Child’s Light- Gerald
Audiopheil- Nita Sabiavna
The Fantastic Fivesome (X-Box Live)- Mariah
Tokyo Host (X-Box Live)- Sakura, Office Lady
Memento: Aurora Chronicles- Eleta Foxton
HuniePop- Audrey

Janus Studios- Vocal Tags
The King of Hyrule is a Jerk!- Link
Pony Rock Anthem- Pinkie Pie

Way Off Broadway- Two years of Theatre Classes, Monologue Audition Class
Adventures in Voice Acting Workshop 2011- Voice Over class instructed by Tony Oliver
Acting I- Instructed by Ray Boucher, SUNY Geneseo
Play Analysis- Instructed by Ray Boucher, SUNY Geneseo
Asian Theatre Survey- Instructed by Randy Kaplan, SUNY Geneseo

Finalist of 2012’s Act Your Voice Out! Contest (with judging by Kyle Hebert, Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt)
Cosplaying since 2008
Intermediate Japanese
Accents (American, Southern, Jewish, Japanese)
Stage Acting
Stage Makeup