Special event: Animation Night! With special guests Michele Knotz and Brittany Lauda!

I will be teaching TWO special animation classes before the end of this year with Listen To Melanie! Come join us after NYCC on October 12th for a special animation voice over event, featuring a Q&A, on booth time and a private mixer along with Michele Knotz and Melanie Ehrlich http://www.listentomelanie.com/classes/guestclasses/animationnight.html

Looking for more? NO PROBLEM because I'll be joining them once again during the ADVANCED ANIMATION CLASS, a 4 week class to tone those characters. I will be holding a mock audition, and with the news I have to share in the coming months you will be very, very glad you came (; http://www.listentomelanie.com/classes/advancedanimationvoclass.html

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