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Recent news:


  • Brittany voices Nina in Errant Heart!b9e6e59c94e51ca48bd58a7bc99d6a8e_original
  • Check out Brittany’s new Visual Reel!
  • Brittany recently visited Texas…stay tuned for exciting announcements!


  • Brittany will be at New York Comic Con on FRIDAY dressed as Osana from Yandere Simulator! Come say hi!
  • Brittany is now represented by ACCESS TALENT and NEXT GENERATION VO!
  • Brittany played the tsundere girl Osana in this skit for Yandere Simulator! Look forward to hearing her in the game!


  • The press release announcing the voice cast and beta for The Silent Roads is here!  Brittany directed and cast this title earlier this summer. Read more here: Silent Roads Press Release
  • YIIK: A Postmodern RPG appeared at Tokyo Game Show in Japan and EGX in the UK this past month! Brittany worked as the casting and voice director of this up and coming JRPG.

AUGUST 2015:

  • JUST ANNOUNCED, Brittany will be voicing Yuuna in Exogenesis, an upcoming visual novel placed in an apocalyptic setting!

    Yuuna from Exogenesis
    Yuuna from Exogenesis
  • Brittany will appear as the voice of Trauare Wrede in the official English localization of Rosenkreuzstilette and it’s sequel, Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel!

    Coverart for Rosekruezstilette
    Coverart for Rosekruezstilette
  • Preorder Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut for next gen systems and you may be able to catch Brittany in the background as some additional voices!
    Wasteland 2
  • Brittany has been announced as the ADR Director for the next Media Blaster’s dub Ladies Versus Butlers. She also helped cast it under MB VoiceWorks and voices Daichi. Check out the preview here: https://vimeo.com/134409030
Ladies Verus Butlers
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